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Project in progress: Twitturly

What is Twitturly?

Twitt(url)y is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.

It operates similar to Digg where people vote on an item and it gets displayed higher up the home page, but more closely to PageRank where basically every person that links to the same final url, is considered a vote for that URL. With each vote that the URL gets, it climbs further and further up the list.

No matter whether people use, TinyURL, Snipurl (snurl), or link directly to the final URL, Twitt(url)y always count the "votes" correctly because the spiders actually visit every single site before it gets displayed here.

To keep things fresh, Twitt(url)y only shows the 100 most popular URLs over the last 24 hours. The 24 hours are constantly sliding, so you always see what people are currently talking about.

What Xerocity is doing

Twitturly's main provision for this project was that the images used in the design be absolutely minimal. They wanted the page to load very quickly and be very simple and straightforward. They were a big proponet of whitespace. We've been hard at work at the design (and the code) and hope to get the new design up by May 2008. Check back soon!