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Ready to get started on your logo?  Let's go!

Here's What You Get With Your Logo

What do you get with your new logo? Well, to be honest, probably more than you expect.

Unlimited Concepts

We will provide you initially with at least 3 unique concepts. They will include several different styles for you to review and choose which style is closest to what you have in mind. You will receive the initial concepts within 48-72 hours of initial payment (50% of total amount).

If for any reason you don't like any of the 3 initial concepts we present, we will provide for you at least 3 more concepts within 48 hours of your response. The process will repeat from there until you choose a concept for revision.

Unlimited Revisions

Once you choose a concept, you will be able to request unlimited revisions on that concept. We will have those revisions back to you within 24 hours. Yes, it's true.

A Designer Dedicated to You and your Logo

With us, you can feel confident knowing that the same designer who began your project will be the one to complete it. You will be able to call, email, and otherwise connect with a person that you will hopefully come to know personally. Your designer will work closely with you throughout your logo design process.

Thank you, but we don't accept tips.

Support for the Life of your Logo

So a month after we finish your logo you decide that you want the text to be a different shade of red. Or perhaps a few years down the road you decide you would like to put your logo on a billboard, but have misplaced the vector file for it. What can you do? Call us. We pledge to be here for you throughout the life of the logo we design for you. Often, if you would like only a minor thing changed, we would be happy to do it free of charge. We like your money, but honestly, you and your satisfaction are more important to us.

So don't worry, if weeks, months, or years down the road you have questions, need your logo in a different format, need some kind of change done, or whatever it may be - we'll be here for you.

All the Formats You Could Ask for

At project completion, we will provide your logo in many formats for your convenience. These will include first, your logo in a vector format - .eps - as well as web-ready versions in .jpg and .gif; hi-resolution versions in .jpg, .tiff, .png, and .bmp; and grayscale versions of your logo in every format listed. The .eps version of your logo can be used for anything that's printed, from business cards to billboards to vehicle wraps. It can also be edited should you ever decide to make changes to your logo (or you could just call us!). The black and white versions are provided solely for your convenience, just in case a project ever calls for it. Also, if there is any additional formats that you specifically request, we would be happy to provide them for you.

You will be able to download these files electronically immediately upon project completion. Also, in about 7 days, you will receive a CD at your doorstep which will contain all of your logo files. The shipping's on us.

Ready to get started?